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Self-Cleaning Brush Push Clean + Airbag Stand/Wall Mount

Self-Cleaning Brush Push Clean + Airbag Stand/Wall Mount

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Introducing our revolutionary Self-Cleaning Hair Brush, the ultimate solution for effortless hair care. With just a push of a button, the brush magically releases trapped hair, making cleaning a breeze. No more tangled mess or time-consuming maintenance!

Experience the luxurious 3D air cushion massage effect with 384 spherical teeth, evenly distributed for maximum comfort and stimulation. Our ergonomic design features a non-slip handle and elegant ABS material, ensuring safe and comfortable handling.

But that's not all! Our Self-Cleaning Hair Brush also comes with an airbag attachment, allowing you to conveniently fasten it to a wall. Keep your brush neatly out of the way, tidying up your space and making it easily accessible whenever you need it.


Suitable for all hair types, our brush prevents knots, reduces tangles, and minimizes breakage on both wet and dry hair. Whether you have straight, curly, thin, or thick hair, this brush is your go-to styling tool.

Say goodbye to hair interruptions and seal split ends effortlessly. The self-cleaning feature eliminates hair residue in an instant, keeping your brush clean and ready for use. Elevate your hair care routine and indulge in the pleasure of combing with our Self-Cleaning Hair Brush.

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