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PURC Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

PURC Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

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PURC Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment, the ultimate solution for achieving flawlessly straight and smooth hair. With its high concentration of 12% keratin, one of the highest in the market, this treatment will transform your curly hair without any damage.

Derived from natural non-comedogenic ingredients, our New Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment cleanses your scalp while infusing your hair follicles with the benefits of keratin. Say goodbye to expensive salon treatments as our cost-effective solution delivers equally remarkable results.

Experience the power of our formaldehyde-containing shampoo, specially formulated to straighten your hair without compromising safety. Please note that pregnant women should avoid using this product due to potential skin sensitivity.

No matter your hair type, our conditioner is the perfect companion, free from sodium chloride that can cause allergies and scalp dehydration. Smoothen your frizzy and dry hair, unlocking long-lasting results that you'll adore. Our conditioner is suitable for all hair types, restoring health and radiance.

Indulge in the transformative effects of the PURC Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment:

  • Heal and repair your hair, leaving it stronger and more resilient.
  • Moisturize your locks, replenishing vital hydration.
  • Protect damaged hair, shielding it from further harm.
  • Eliminate frizz, leaving your hair beautifully smooth and manageable.
  • Reduce hair volume, creating a sleek and controlled style.
  • Enhance shine, giving your hair a radiant and healthy glow.
  • Experience the joy of smooth and straight hair with our superior smoothing and straightening formula.

Choose the keratin concentration that suits your specific needs:

  • For little curly hair, enjoy our 0% Formaldehyde-free option.
  • For normal curly hair, opt for our 5% formalin keratin treatment.
  • For deep curly hair, our 8% formalin keratin treatment is ideal.
  • For very curly hair, embrace the power of our 12% formalin keratin treatment.

Discover a new level of hair perfection with the PURC Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment. Unleash the beauty of straight, smooth, and irresistibly gorgeous hair.

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