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DBW Bladeless Neck Fan

DBW Bladeless Neck Fan

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Experience instant relief from menopausal hot flushes with our revolutionary Portable Neck Fan. Stay cool, stylish, and comfortable even in the most intense moments. Embrace hands-free cooling and a sleek design that will turn heads. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to refreshing breezes from any angle. 

✨ Stay Cool in Style: Inspired by earphones, our neck fan combines fashion and function, effortlessly hanging around your neck for a chic look.

🌬️ Refreshing Air in Every Direction: Our annular air outlet ensures a constant breeze from any angle, providing instant relief from hot flushes. 

🔇 Whisper-Quiet & Safe: Enjoy a serene cooling experience with reduced noise levels and a bladeless design that prioritizes safety.

💆‍♀️ Tangle-Free Hair, Hassle-Free Fun: Our bladeless design eliminates the worry of hair getting caught, perfect for carefree moments.

👪 Uninterrupted Quality Time: Stay cool while enjoying precious moments with your loved ones, thanks to hands-free cooling.

⏰ Endless Cooling Power: With a long-lasting battery life of 3-6 hours, our neck fan keeps you refreshed all day long.

🎨 Your Signature Style: Choose from white, pink, green, and blue to match your unique personality while staying cool.

Don't let menopause slow you down. Embrace the freedom, convenience, and undeniable style of our Portable Neck Fan. Upgrade your cooling experience today. Beat the heat and be the envy of others. Get your Portable Neck Fan now!


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